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Linda J.

All-Around fitness training is everything you want in a gym: friendly trainers, a welcoming atmosphere and a place where you WILL achieve the results you want (when you put in the effort). Ashley and Marquis are passionate about what they do and it shows through their every interaction with those who come in through their doors. They’re so helpful and truly care about each person’s results. This was the first place I’ve tried spinning and I don’t need to look any place else! The dimmed lights help you get in your own zone and the music selection gets you pumped! They offer great deals the more classes you take which is great to help you stay consistent. They mix it up each spinning class so that you don’t get bored of a routine. Marquis’ tight and tone class is also a great class for muscle work! He’s super knowledgeable, friendly and helpful by pushing you to achieve your best. I love this gym and I highly recommend you give them a try! I guarantee it’s a place you will want to include in your fitness routine!

Denisse F.

Amazing spinning place!!! Friendly atmosphere and the music choice is great. I’m in love with the disco lights and their special themed spinning classes (e.g. 80’s, hip hop, etc.). The trainers Ashley and Marquis are great motivators and give helpful advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also if you are looking for something more besides the spinning, they also offer Tight and tone classes. Highly recommended!

Zaida V.

Ok let me start off by saying that this is BY FAR the best spinning gym in all of Miami. I know what you’re thinking, there are other places to spin such as bigger franchise gyms (which will remain nameless) and little upscale spinning studios (also remain nameless). I’ve been going to AA fitness since May of 2014 and I haven’t stopped. That says a lot. I’ve even moved from my lovely Kendall to Miami Springs–working in Opa Locka and I STILL GO ALL THE WAY TO SEE MY SECOND FAMILY ASHLEY AND MARQUIS. You wonder, why are you putting that in all CAPS…well it’s because the two owners of this great gym are incredible. I lost 25lbs my first 5 months at this gym with the guidance of Ashley and Marquis. In addition to spinning, they also have a tight and tone class that is amazing. Marquis really works on utilizing weights, core work, reps, and all that great stuff to help tone problem areas. Personally for me it’s taken my type of physical activity (which was just cardio) to another level. My butt is (as I like to say in class and the ladies in class know this) happier! And my legs have slimmed down and toned up. Everyone that knows me knows that I don’t do reviews unless it’s because I fully believe in it. Let me just say one more thing and then I’m done. I promise that you will feel welcomed, at home and will laugh (some times at my expense lol) because this IS like a family.

Maria F.

I had never tried spinning before, but the class instructor (Ashley) was very helpful when I got there. I really enjoyed the music and overall spinning experience. It was a fun exercise experience.

Noelani S.

Love working out here! Feels like a fitness family and I really enjoy the one on one attention. Ashley and Marquis are great at motivating people to get to their full potential!

Alina R.

This is an absolute STAND OUT gym! It really does not get any better than this. The environment is energetic, fun, encouraging, and so welcoming! The equipment used is high quality and all the instructors genuinely care about you health and fitness. If you are looking for a gym to grow in and that will truly create a positive change in your life then look no further. AA Fitness is the real deal!!

Sam P.

Best gym I have ever been to! I was a little nervous at first because I had never tried spinning but the Environment and instructors are amazing! They made me feel very confident and encouraged me. The Gym is very clean and the equipment is well kept at all times. The classes are amazing!!  The owners are  very friendly always making sure all the clients questions and concerns are met. The personal trainer is amazing as well!  I would highly recommend  this place to anyone.



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